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European Health Parliament 2017 - 1st Plenary session

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The Next Chapter

European Health Parliament- Final Plenary Session

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AMR Committee: Thoughts and road ahead following the first EHP plenary session

The AMR Committee of the third edition of the European Health Parliament (EHP) has been […]

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The added value of the EHP by Joseph Elborn – EHP President 2017

In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee created the internet. Many pondered, “what would be the consequences of […]

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EHP: First impressions and Vaccination plans on the spotlight

The first EHP Plenary managed to grasp the participants’ attention by allowing the informal interactions […]

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Impressions of the Committee on Robotics, a.i. & Precision Medicine

The first plenary session of the third European Health Parliament is over, and boy is […]

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