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Join the European Health Parliament

The European Health Parliament is a platform gathering young professionals, to work together in order to change the future of healthcare in Europe. Are you below 35 and you want to participate in the third edition of the EHP? Apply now and let’s make health great again!

Your benefits

  1. Opportunity to accelerate your career in health
  2. Exclusive access to top EU policymakers
  3. Chance to work with the greatest health policy minds in Europe
  4. Access to Brussels journalists and media rooms
  5. Engagement with health experts and policy advocates across industry, patient groups, health professionals, etc.
  6. Public recognition and visibility in Brussels and beyond!
  7. Exponential growth in your physical and online network in Europe

Your commitments

  1. Engage throughout the entire EHP project: October 2017-April 2018 (Location: Brussels, Belgium)
  2. Attend all 4 full day plenary sessions of EHP
  3. Actively participate in the preparation of your committee’s recommendations (on average 3 times per month, these could be virtual or F2F meetings)
  4. Collaborate effectively with your committee, share information and respect deadlines!
  5. Engage external players to become champions for your topic (politicians, media, other health stakeholders)
  6. Promote EHP in your network through social media accounts and also in person
  7. In every meeting, plenary or workshop, be present, engaged and enthusiastic!


Deadline for applications: 10 September 2017

If you are selected, get ready for the informal kick-off in the week of October 2nd and for the first Plenary in the week of October 16th.



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