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Improving access for patients

As part of the work of the EHP sub-committee on access to innovative therapies, a blog series has been put together to examine how diverse stakeholders approach the questions surrounding improving access for patients to innovation. The first of these involved Adrian van den Hove, the director-general of the European Generic Medicines Association. In the context of healthcare, what...

Fixing a broken model?

Standing up to challenges has consistently been the motto of the European Health Parliament and nowhere was this showcased more than during the third plenary session held on 24 April 2015 in Brussels. With an array of healthcare stakeholders eager to test the messages brought forward by the EHP members, a fruitful and open discussion on the hurdles facing European healthcare systems burst...

Interview with Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, Policy Coordinator for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at EPHA

The EU has limited competence to regulate policy on alcohol because it is mainly a Members States responsibility. There are however several possibilities where the EU can strengthen its role by complementing national actions in order to protect and increase EU citizens’ health. Zoltán Massay-Kosubek, who follows EU developments on alcohol from a public health perspective at the EPHA (European...

Information to patients

Imagine you are on holiday, traveling abroad in another EU Member State. Unexpectedly, you become ill and although you can more or less make out the symptoms of your illness you are not completely sure what is wrong with you. Normally, you would have called your local GP but without access to this doctor from abroad you have to find another way to get information on what might be wrong with...

Are European patient advocates a little bit like Hollywood actors?

Are European patient advocates a little bit like Hollywood actors?  I think they are.  And if this sentence upsets you, then you’re proving my point. Sure, there are Hollywood actors that got into acting for the fame. But I have enough faith to believe that most actors got into acting for the passion of their art: to explore, to express and to move people into thinking and...