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To rethink European Healthcare.

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A boost for patient safety in the EU, but what about Member States?

When a loved one is hospitalised, we tend to assume that they are in competent hands, surrounded by doctors and nurses who will do everything in their power to ensure that the patient is as safe and comfortable as possible. Yet, this assumption seems to have become more farfetched in recent years. Even as EU, national, regional, and even hospital-level initiatives focused on patient safety...

How much is my life worth?

“How much is my life worth?” Patricia Garcia-Prieto, professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management and a mother of two has asked this question multiple times. In her  video , as a  patient  representative on a pane, she has been vocal about this thought that passed her mind every day. Patricia suffered from melanoma, a...

Preventing chronic diseases for a sustainable future

Medical advances of recent decades have remarkably changed global health by improving the management of infectious diseases. Unfortunately, development has not only brought positive health outcomes. Population ageing, rapid urbanisation and globalisation of unhealthy lifestyles have resulted in an explosion of chronic diseases to which no country is immune. Non-communicable diseases: the...

Patients: From passive recipients to active players in healthcare

We are at a watershed moment for patient empowerment. Before, healthcare was a product of the paternalism of the times: patients accepted their place in the scheme of things and were mere passive recipients of the verdict delivered to them by a healthcare professional. This attitude was encouraged through cultural differences and a lack of awareness in the community. But then things...

'The impact of good health policy can be tremendous'

Dr Sam Proesmans, member of the Cross-border Health Threats Sub-committee, discusses his frontline role as a young doctor with experience working both in Belgium and beyond. A little background from the good doctor. Two years ago I graduated as a medical doctor in Belgium and I'm currently doing my residency in internal medicine in Antwerp. Through internships in hospitals from Myanmar to...