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Berlin Diary: Joining the Young Lions Gesundheits Parlament

The kick-off of the second legislative period of the German Young Lions Gesundheits Parlament , the inspiration for the Brussels European Health Parliament (EHP), took place over the weekend of 21-22 February. The seven EHP committee chairs were invited to the leafy suburb of Dahlem, Berlin, where the two-day plenary session was held. There, the chairs joined the Gesundheits Parlament...

We can be heroes…not just for one day

Philippe De Backer, a Belgian MEP and EU40 member, opened the second plenary session of the European Health Parliament by calling us all to be heroes, to make change happen. No pressure. Or at least no pressure that we are not willing to tackle head on.  With a fair amount of youthful swagger, members brought forward question after question to the panellists – who included a variety of...

Disenfranchised, uninterested? Hardly.

Five million – the number of unemployed young people in the European Union 15% - the percentage of young people in Europe active in local organisations working to improve the community 64% - the number of young people who do not think voting for Members of the European Parliament will change anything 80 – the number of young Europeans who have shot down statistics and...