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A “game changer” in AMR-prevention: mHealth

At present times, the healthcare system faces many opportunities and challenges due to the new achievements in the research area and new technologies. mHealth is particularly unique due to its personalized forms of use that can empower patients to take responsibility for their own health, while building a preventative healthcare system. mHealth makes use of all features of the mobile...

Undocumented migrants on the streets of London, Paris and Berlin and their struggle to access healthcare services.

Who are undocumented or so-called “irregular” migrants? Based on the definition of Guerrero (2000), they are 1 : People, who have entered the country illegally or legally, but overstayed their welcome Immigrants, who have lost their residence or work permit Asylum seekers or refugees who exhausted their residence duration and have eluded deportation Stateless persons without...

EHP recommendations could soon become legislation

EHP recommendations could soon become legislation   “The digital revolution is set to transform the healthcare sector, and Europe must act decisively in order to fully unlock the potential of digital healthcare”, urges the opening statement of the written declaration wrote by the EHP members that has been officially published last week on the European Parliament’s website. The...


World’s leaders accomplished much with the COP21 climate change agreement reached at the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference in December last year. However, despite all the efforts, the final version of this deal had important shortcomings: specifically a failure to address greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions emanating from livestock production. Human consumption of meat and dairy products is a...

The EHP committees take charge during the 3rd Plenary session

The five committees of European Health Parliament (EHP) discussed their recommendations with policy makers on the 20th of April 2016 in the European Parliament.   The five committees of the European Health Parliament discussed their health recommendations with policy makers, who challenged them in view of the final presentation of their bold ideas, which the Young Health...