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Urgent Need for eSkills to Bridge Digital Literacy Gap among Medical Professions

    Europe’s citizens are ageing rapidly and it is old news. The elderly population (people aged 65 and over) constitutes for almost 20% of the total population [1] .  Health care systems are in danger because there is a growing gap between the increasing number of patients and the decreasing number of doctors required to treat them. Since 2010 we started to realise...

Women and Children Refugees access to healthcare - Response to European Parliament’s Resolution on 8th March

On Wednesday the 8th of March, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for greater gender sensitivity in Member States’ asylum policies. The resolution included recognising gender related forms of violence including FGM, sexual and domestic violence, as well as LGBT related violence as valid reasons for claiming asylum. The resolution also called for measures to ensure women’s...

AMR Committee replies to European Commission’s Public Consultation

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Food Safety has just published a public consultation on their EU Action Plan (2011-2015) against the rising threat from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Now that the consultation is closed, the evaluation phase can begin. The AMR Committee of the EHP welcomed this initiative and provided their view on the previous EU Action Plan,...

Migration and health challenges: how can we find the right approach?

When we were assigned our topic, every member of the committee knew that we were being asked to work on issues that are as complex as they are urgent. The topic is both compelling and potentially confusing as the migration phenomenon can be addressed from many angles. How do we define migration? What type of migration should we include in our approach? How can we draft recommendations and...

Recap of an exciting secondary plenary session of the European Health Parliament

55 young and talented healthcare innovators gathered again Wednesday 17th February for the exciting 2nd plenary session of the  European Health Parliament. The event took place in the European Parliament and attracted many prominent figures of the European health stage, including MEPs, EU Commission representatives, WHO, NGOs, and many others . The overall aim of the second event...