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To rethink European Healthcare.

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Thinking Outside the [ ], Redesigning Health Care

The only constant value in the universe is change, and in order for any system to continue to provide a superior value, it must have the ability to adapt to change, and evolve accordingly. Life expectancy is increasing worldwide, and especially in Europe, and with that comes the responsibility to answer the increasing demand for chronic diseases’ complications. But solving a new emerging...

It's your job to stay healthy

From Healthcare to Self-Care: How Europeans can help themselves Healthcare systems face real challenges from the growing burden of chronic diseases, today's austerity measures, and an ageing population [1–3]. Europe is worried, and it should be.   ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ -Benjamin Franklin-   But the search for solutions can...

Battling the Superbugs

“ Without urgent, coordinated action, the world is heading towards a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries, which have been treatable for decades, can once again kill . ” - WHO What is antibiotic resistance? The discovery of antibiotics revolutionised medicine and today they continue to be essential in the treatment of patients with bacterial...

Shall we quit meat?

Having a say in healthcare policy in the European Union is not an obvious matter.  The European Health Parliament (EHP) is giving us this unique opportunity to do so and - as Climate Change and Healthcare Committee - we are happy to say that we are getting closer to selecting a topic for our policy recommendations. How did we come up with a subject?  Well, after various fruitful...

The European Health Parliament re-born in the UK

Are you under 30 and living nearby London? The UK Youth Health Parliament is looking for 50 passionate young professionals to rethink and redesign the NHS. Throughout 2016 the participant MP’s will debate and generate fresh ideas to inspire Britain to become a healthier country.