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Trust your gut: Probiotics for immunity and prevention of infections

If you are reading this, you are probably aware that bad bacteria in the gut can cause infections, in many cases requiring treatment with antibiotics. However, did you also know that your gut contains trillions of GOOD bacteria which help the body maintain digestion, produce vitamin B and K, and play an important role in maintaining your immune system ?   Good bacteria It is...

A leap forward: the AMR Committee welcomes Council Conclusions

The Dutch Presidency last Friday (17.06.2016) adopted their Council Conclusions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) , marking the end of their rotation of the Presidency of the Council. The issue of resistance has been a priority not only for the Netherlands, but also for Slovakia and Malta as outlined in the Trio Programme . Key overarching themes of the Council Conclusions One...

AMR’s environmental impact– the silent part of the story

One of today’s main public health threats, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) already claims 700,000 lives a year. The numbers are continuously increasing; 300 million premature deaths are expected by 2050. Quite a lot of countries have put in place strategic plans to tackle AMR, which represents a threat to national security, and are now calling for a global approach. Yet this global...

A “game changer” in AMR-prevention: mHealth

At present times, the healthcare system faces many opportunities and challenges due to the new achievements in the research area and new technologies. mHealth is particularly unique due to its personalized forms of use that can empower patients to take responsibility for their own health, while building a preventative healthcare system. mHealth makes use of all features of the mobile...

Battling bad bugs with diagnostics

Imagine heading to your doctor’s practice to be assessed. Instead of simply looking down your throat, or in your ear, for signs of an infection, she uses a rapid diagnostic test. Within a few minutes she can tell you whether you have a bacterial infection, for which you would be prescribed antibiotics, or whether the infection is viral, for which antibiotics are useless. Not only have you...
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