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A leap forward: the AMR Committee welcomes Council Conclusions

The Dutch Presidency last Friday (17.06.2016) adopted their Council Conclusions on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) , marking the end of their rotation of the Presidency of the Council. The issue of resistance has been a priority not only for the Netherlands, but also for Slovakia and Malta as outlined in the Trio Programme . Key overarching themes of the Council Conclusions One...

Undocumented migrants on the streets of London, Paris and Berlin and their struggle to access healthcare services.

Who are undocumented or so-called “irregular” migrants? Based on the definition of Guerrero (2000), they are 1 : People, who have entered the country illegally or legally, but overstayed their welcome Immigrants, who have lost their residence or work permit Asylum seekers or refugees who exhausted their residence duration and have eluded deportation Stateless persons without...

Access to healthcare for migrants is not a political question

We are all very shocked by the outrageous events in Brussels and on top of this by the many controversial reactions of the media. Many are talking about the promotion of legal and illegal non-white “immigration” into Europe as primary cause of the terrorist bombings in Brussels. They even named it Third World Invasion. As a result the Migration & Health Challenges Committee felt the...