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Time to change the European Common Agricultural Policy: addressing meat over-production and consumption!

What is the European Common Agricultural policy doing about it? The latest estimate of cancer mortality attributable to diets high in red- and processed meat is over 34,000 deaths per year [1] . Animal farming also contributes to 18% of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. [2] In the EU27, 29% of GHG emissions are coming from beef production and 25% from pork production [3] . This...

Shall we quit meat?

Having a say in healthcare policy in the European Union is not an obvious matter.  The European Health Parliament (EHP) is giving us this unique opportunity to do so and - as Climate Change and Healthcare Committee - we are happy to say that we are getting closer to selecting a topic for our policy recommendations. How did we come up with a subject?  Well, after various fruitful...