The 5 committees of EHP 2017!

The 5 committees of EHP 2017!

We look forward to seeing the fantastic research the EHP will conduct and the recommendations they will put forward.

Here is a quick introduction to the 5 committees for EHP’s of the Third Edition.

Committee on Outcomes–based Healthcare Systems

This committee will discuss methodology and practicality of setting up outcome-based health systems in Europe.

Committee on Robotics, A.I. & Precision Medicine
This committee will research the promise of robotics, A.I. and precision medicine and discusses the question of how the EU could enable it.

Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance
This committee will discuss the threat that AMR represents for Europe and research what incentives are needed to prevent AMR at an EU-level.

Committee on a Health Workforce Planning

This committee will discuss what skills future health workers will need in order to ensure the sustainability of our healthcare system.

Committee on a European Vaccine Initiative
This committee will discuss the role for the European Union in setting up a pan-European vaccination program.

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