3rd Edition 2017-2018

Joe Elborn, President of the third EHP

We hear and see every day of the troubles and trials of the modern world. Whether it is declining trust in institutions, the rise of populism, or the unsustainability of current healthcare systems due to an increasing imbalance between supply and demand. What we miss is a positive vision. A voice that says that we can solve our problems. We can make the change. We can balance the imbalanced.

Modern technology, science and thinking allow us to achieve so much. All we need is the energy and vision to do it. That energy and vision in all societies come from the young.

Our 5 committees looked at how we can transform healthcare in outcomes–based Healthcare Systems; Robotics, AI & Precision Medicine; Antimicrobial Resistance; Health Workforce Planning; and the European Vaccine Initiative.

My one request to everyone who reads this is as we look to turn these ideas into reality, please support us, guide us and engage with us. Together, we can change the world of healthcare.