6th Edition 2020-2021

Seán Byrne, President of the sixth European Health Parliament

As Europe stands at the precipice of societal change, the sixth cohort of the European Health Parliament (EHP6) dared to venture ahead, to offer a path through uncharted terrain. This year’s EHPers have worked tirelessly to craft a set of recommendations reflective of the challenges our healthcare systems face.

The Green & Digital transformations are interwoven in the work of all the committees; by incorporating these broad agendas, the direct and indirect effects on European healthcare are thoroughly considered. Moreover, this year’s cohort made a marked effort to reflect on the people within healthcare systems, not only patients and their empowerment but also the role of healthcare professionals, those working within supply chains, and research roles.

By working with a phenomenal selection of stakeholders across Europe, the EHP6 cohort seized the opportunity to engage with healthcare policy, despite online fatigue, with fantastic drive and spirit. Promoting a youth perspective on healthcare, EHP6 truly embodied the need to rethink & reinvent healthcare for tomorrow, providing an invaluable platform for the next generation of healthcare leaders to shape the healthcare system around them for generations to come.