EHP & Partners

The European Health Parliament (EHP) is a movement connecting and empowering the next generation of European health leaders to rethink EU health policies. Along with its nine partners, the EHP provides the next generation of European leaders with the connections, knowledge and platform they need to build a healthier and more innovative Europe.

The EHP answers Europe’s need for fresh ideas in health. Health systems are facing immense pressures to adapt their spending and other resources to match changing demographics, rising disease burdens, stronger patient empowerment and modern technologies. The EHP believes that the solutions required must come from the young European health leaders who influence the policies that will ultimately concern their generation as they age.

That is why the EHP was created in 2014. The initiative connects promising young professionals and challenges them to develop solutions for European health policy that are both innovative and actionable.

Each year the EHP convenes a diverse group of 60 young professionals representing all healthcare sectors. Participants work together for six months to develop policy recommendations that address today’s most pressing European health issues, which are picked in cooperation with the European Commission. EHP participants are selected for their contribution to and potential to lead in European health policy and come from a range of educational and occupational backgrounds. The recommendations are published around Summer.

The initiative takes place in Brussels.