The promise of digital health in Europe is undeniable. But to make this promise a reality, it is necessary to break down several barriers. Therefore, the EHP Committee on Robotics, AI & Precision Medicine recommends the following actions to make digital health technologies:


  1. Create a Connected European Health Area, which acts as a long-term vision on the required digital health infrastructure in Europe.
  2. Establish a Digital Health Investment Fund, to support the creation of the CEHA.
  3. Promote pilot projects to make Europe the world’s frontrunner in digital health.

Removing the structural barriers to digital health by establishing a Connected European Health Area would reliably deliver digital health services to European citizens.


  1. Adapt health systems to incentivise the use of digital health technologies, by developing appropriate reimbursement models.
  2. Ensure digital health in all policies, starting with the next MFF.

Adapting health systems to integrate digital health technologies would accelerate R&D as well as manufacturing, thus driving down the cost of new discoveries. This speeds up access for patients and will ease the burden on our health systems.


  1. Establish grounds for trust in digital health, starting with GDPR and a review of the Liability Directive.
  2. Help healthcare practitioners prepare for the future of healthcare.
  3. Engage citizens through access to electronic health records and an awareness campaign.

Ensuring that healthcare practitioners and patients are willing and able to use digital health technologies to improve prevention, diagnosis, intervention and treatment is essential.

Digital health has incredible potential, but this is meaningless if it is not available, affordable and acceptable.

Breaking down barriers to digital health in Europe