4th Edition 2018-2019

Katarína Gatialová, President of the fourth EHP

“Even before the year is out, we can state that 2019 has been a very important year for European history. Not only have we witnessed a new European Parliament, changes at the European Commission, and the continuation of the Brexit saga, we have also seen the highest turnout in 15 years for the European elections. This demonstrated to all world leaders that European citizens care about the European project and care about their future.

The young generation in particular exercised a strong voice which is changing the scope of policies in all areas – health being no exception. Health has remained a key theme at European level and the European youth has never been more vocal on this topic – with significant contributions from the European Health Parliament.

Receiving huge recognition from traditional policy makers and key stakeholders, the 4th edition of the EHP proposed a bold agenda for the next European mandate, which focused on prominent issues such as health data, health innovation and value, mental health, health literacy and air pollution. The members of EHP4 presented their work in front of national ministries, encouraged interest in mental health within royal palaces, raised awareness about the sensitivity of health data among scientific societies, and called upon the World Health Assembly to take action on air pollution; in short, the voice of young professionals is stronger than ever before.

Now, we will not stand back and stop; with every ounce of support given to us by policy makers, our momentum increases. Especially in the European Union, we need to value our unity as our strength and diversity as our power. Please engage with our successors and support them in their efforts to contribute to the European project with sustainable and modern health policies.”