Clean Air – Healthy Lives!

Clean Air – Healthy Lives!

Thoughts of the Committee on Human Health & the Environment following the 2nd Plenary.

Our priorities

The Environment and Human Health Committee has decided to focus its work on air pollution. Studies and data have shown that there are still many preventable deaths caused by the air we breathe, both in Europe and in the world.

Despite the enormous evidence of European normative framework on this matter, as well as alternative sustainable solutions, the main challenge has been to identify the most actionable recommendations that can be turned into widely accepted best practices for reducing toxic air emissions and improving the quality of the air we breathe. The upcoming EU elections also represent a golden moment to push this topic higher on the agenda through the EHP platform and our recommendations. Therefore, the time to act on air pollution is now.

After completing a preliminary stakeholder analysis and research, we are now conducting interviews with several other European key opinion leaders on this issue. We believe that by listening carefully to their opinions and analysing our research findings, we will have a good understanding of current challenges on the topic which will augment our effort to draft policy recommendations. All in all, there is currently an urgent need for more ambitious actions towards breathing clean air in Europe, and we are glad to be at the forefront of making that happen.

Impressions so far

So far, the European Health Parliament has been an inspiring experience. The platform hasn’t only provided the privilege to work with and learn from young skilled professionals in the field of health in an interdisciplinary context. It has also served as a forum to engage in thought-provoking discussions towards a jointly-shared goal – improving European citizens’ quality of life. Moreover, the EHP provides useful toolkits, contacts, training and has helped our committee to get a broader view of the health policy framework at the European level.

Plenary sessions have also been precious opportunities to connect with fellow EHP members, partners and stakeholders. And it has been a rewarding experience to exchange views with high profile speakers on the pressing issues of health within Europe.

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