EHP 2016: Kick-off

EHP 2016: Kick-off

The European Health Parliament (EHP) 2016 kicked-off on the 9th of December at the European Parliament

The European Health Parliament is an initiative bringing together young bright minds with the aim of changing the face of healthcare in Europe.

This year’s edition brings together 50 people under 35 years old with different professional backgrounds (Industry, EU Institutions, medical profession, IT etc.) from all over Europe with the aim of developing key recommendations that will change the future of healthcare in Europe. Inspired by the motto “Occupy Health Street”, these brilliant minds will work together for six months, until June 2016, in five committees ranging from Digital skills for the medical profession, Prevention & self-care, Anti-microbial resistance to Climate change & healthcare, Migration and health challenges.

Simulating the work of the European Parliament, the participants will be the co-authors of an academic publication gathering the five papers produced by each of the committees. Furthermore, they will gather in three other sessions in February, April and June where they will brainstorm, let themselves inspired by breakthrough speakers and propose bold ideas meant to have a strong impact on policy makers. The European Health Parliament 2016 will finish in June with the launch of the published book in the presence of high-level policy makers.
The boldest idea of the last year’s edition is the creation of EHRO (European Health Records Organisation) gathering all the patients’ data in electronic format that can be accessed throughout Europe. The proposal was well received also by the European Commission.
MEP Philippe de Backer, Champion of the European Health Parliament, said: “It is our job to put young people together and give the participants the right incentives and framework to think. Afterwards they can come up with recommendations that have the greatest impact on the discussions that we are having in the European institutions. It’s up to us to change the world and together we can do it.”

One of the key-note speakers was Kris Verburgh, bookwriter, scientist & creator of nutrigerontology) with a speech’On health, ageing and prevention: How can we use knowledge of the ageing process to improve health, the healthcare system and medicine itself?’. He stated: “An inspiring event and important initiative to improve health care across Europe. Gathering young bright minds to address new challenges in health care in an innovative and open-mined way is what we need to create breakthroughs in health care and change things for the better.”

The second part of the European Health Parliament took place at Google’s offices where the five committees networked and gathered in 5 brainstorming sessions; they then designated their Chair, Vice-Chair, Shadow and Communications roles. Also the President of the EHP was elected by majority of votes. This year’s president is Eleni Antoniadou who conducts research in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Artificial Organ Technology and Space Medicine. She was motivated to participate in the project because she thinks that “European healthcare is in the midst of medical breakthroughs and disruptive innovations could transform our health systems if we strategize around them and take audacious initiatives in health policy-making to provide safe, accessible-to-all and efficient therapeutic solutions and preventive healthcare. The EHP 2016 aspires to ‘imagineer’ the future of European Healthcare by 2025.”

“Healthcare is becoming increasingly digitized — think everything from fitness apps on your phone to operations via videolink. This means digital skills become increasingly important,
also in this sector. Innovation, creativity and fearless thinking are what Europe’s healthcare systems need at this point, and we’re happy to support this great initiative.”, said Marco Pancini, Public Policy Senior Council for Google.

The EHP is initiated by Johnson & Johnson with the partnership of Google, POLITICO, College of Europe and EU40, the network of young MEPs.
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