EHP Policy Recommendations Endorsed by European Parliament President Tajani

EHP Policy Recommendations Endorsed by European Parliament President Tajani

The EHP’s work is gaining visibility at the highest levels of European policy making.

European Health Parliament (EHP) participants strive to bring Europe the best in new thinking for health innovation! This week we received an encouraging letter from European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani. He confirms that the EHP’s policy discussion and recommendations that we shared with his team are an important contribution to the current debate on the future of health in Europe – specifically to the Parliament’s call for urgent investments, in its Report on Health Technology Assessment adopted last year. The report calls for urgent attention for innovative technologies and joint clinical assessments; and requests investment of 480 million Euros in the new health program.

The EHP’s youth voice and our forward-looking agenda are well placed to ensure that patients are at the center of Europe’s health care systems and to help President Tajani and his team make the case for new and innovative approaches to inform this agenda. We look forward to working with you to help make this happen in the 2019 upcoming European Elections.


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