EHP4 Concludes – The Recommendations by the Next Generation

EHP4 Concludes – The Recommendations by the Next Generation

The youth voice for European healthcare calls for policy action to improve heath for all citizens

New policy recommendations in five areas launched today at 4th European Health Parliament

Brussels, April 2, 2019. In the run up to the European elections, the European Health Parliament (EHP) group of young health leaders is calling on European and national decision makers to take action to improve the health of all citizens. They tabled recommendations, as input to the agenda of the upcoming European Parliament and Commission –from EHP health policy studies in five areas – data for healthy societies, health literacy, mental health, value of innovation, and air pollution.

These new ideas for improving health in Europe were debated today at the EHP’s Fourth Plenary Session – a dialogue between young health leaders, EU and national legislators, media influencers and leading advocates.

The EHP brings together 60 young innovators and future health leaders from across the EU. They pursue a year-long agenda of dialogue, policy studies and advocacy to find innovative and disruptive solutions to critical health care issues facing Europe’s citizens.

This year, the EHP studies call for action in five areas:

“The EHP is becoming a force for change”, says Zeger Vercouteren, Vice President Government Affairs & Policy EMEA at Johnson & Johnson. ‘’These young leaders bring new thinking to our dialogue on what’s best for the future of health in Europe. Digital approaches are part of their DNA, so they naturally spot new and disruptive approaches that other generations may not. This fresh perspective has potential to connect the youth with the European project, to create constructive activism and to accelerate positive disruption in shaping the future of health policy in Europe.’’

Dr Katarína Gatialová, President of the 4th edition of EHP explains why the youth perspective on the future of health is important. ‘’Why is our generation committed to issues such as health and climate change and calling for action? Quite simply, we are the ones that will be here in 40 years to inherit the planet and to face upcoming challenges. Today, we want to shape the best possible Europe for all to live in and create the most pleasant and healthy environment for all Europeans. Why should we wait for problems to come later when we can prevent them now?’’ she says.

The EHP 2019 recommendations are presented in the EHP policy report, “The Recommendations by the Next Generation”, released today at the session.


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